Nova - Spacetouch

Hi-Tech Skin Mask Series

Wrinkles | Pigmentation | Lifting

 690 LED Points, Covering the full face surface for noninvasive, even results. 

  • Wireless for use anywhere and anytime

  • 690 LED points. 

  • Adjustable fitting.

NIR Technology.

NASA uses Near Infrared light therapy (NIR) to maintain the health of astronauts in space. For over 40 years, studies have proven its effectiveness medicinally, and clinical trials have confirmed its application for many skin conditions and the effects of aging. Today, the light of life is used in medical equipment and beauty treatments like Nova. 

Wrinkles | Pigmentation | Lifting



Make sure Nova is fully charged before use.

It is recommended to use Nova three (3) times a week, 20 minutes per treatment, for the first four (4) months,
or as recommended by your skin care specialist.  


Keep using Nova two (2) times a week for an additional two (2) months. 


 After six (6) months, keep using 2-4 times a month or as needed.


 After six (6) months, if you are not satisfied with the results, continue using the device for an additional two (2) months, or contact your skin care specialist for new instructions.