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Cosmo is the largest home use LED device in the market. With 360 LED and infrared points, and width of 23Inch, makes Cosmo the most potent and efficient full-body LED device that will fit on any area of the body. Can be used on legs, Hips, stomach, Back, Face, and any area you would like to treat. Cosmo is stocked with the newest LED technologies to treat issues like Cellulite, Stretch-marks, Sun damage, Slimming, Spider veins, Acne, and more.




Getting the right treatment for your skin can be confusing. What light to use? How often? When will I see results?
We made things simple with our Light guide book. A collective of light recipes for a verity of skin issues. No Experience or years of study needed.

Light has been used for the past 25 years for a verity of skin issues with 98.9% success on all patient. Light is much more powerful than any cream or serum you have ever applied. Different wave lengths can reach different layers of the skin, to treat all types of skin issues. 

Here is how it works.

Red + Infra Red

640-876 NM 1-6 MM DEEP

Promotes bloodcirculation, increasingthe production ofcollagen, and elasticfibers. Red Light will renew all your skin cells, inside out. Enhancing cellvisibility and increasingcell life, including deepsell energyreplenishment. Great for Wrinkles, Lifting, aging signs, and dry skin.

Yellow+ Infra Red

583-730 NM 1-2 MM DEEP

Helps to treat pigmented lesions, wrinkles, and fine plaques Ep. Cell detoxification and elimination of edema.
Great for Mid-Deep skin layers issues, and boosting the recovery of using Red light.

Blue + Infra Red

423-823 NM 1 MM DEEP 

Helps to reduce acneand kill sebaceousglands to prevent scarscaused by acne.

Kills bacteria that lives on the surface of the skin, helps toning the skin, and brightening pigmentation.

Green + Infra Red

532-852 NM 0.5-2 MM DEEP 

Helps to calm the skin. great for sensitive skin and relieving skin fatigue. Helps Redness, Rosacea and spider veins. 


Cycle mode is designed to provide you with theultimate skin rejuvenation treatment combininga cycle of all four lights that work together torejuvenate and heal all of the skin tissues. TheCycle mode is set automatically on 30 minutes,but you may adjust the timing as you wish or asrecommended by your skin specialist.

Operating interface

Control time, temperature and light with Cosmo's easy to use interface.


For your convenience, we have created the first-ever Light Therapy Guide.We’ve detailed recommended therapy combinations using galaxa from doctors and skin specialists around the world for a verity skin issues. Download the full guide for free and start using your Galaxa like a pro.


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