Neptune - Spacetouch


Office treatments and endless creams waste your valuable time and money, all while showing little to no results. To provide an alternative that actually works, we teamed up with leading scientists and engineers to create Neptune. This device includes seven different patents and the most up-to-date, cutting edge skincare technologies researched by NASA and Harvard Medical School. 


We stocked forty years of research and clinical trials into one small but effective device.Neptune is based on LED therapy and NIR technology.

 offers one Auto Mode, making it easier than ever to use.In fact, users need no experience to operate the technology.  

Blue Mode

The Blue Light technology is used to treat sun damage and to prevent skin cancer growth. It has also been shown to help with acne, sun spots, and even acne scarring. While in the Blue Mode, Neptune's treatment surface, "The Probe," will cool down to 7°C. This cooling effect tightens pores, slows blood circulation, and helps kill the P. bacteria on the skin’s surface. Neptune will leave skin looking and feeling younger and healthier. 


Before you start using please read carefully:

Charging Neptune 

  Connect the charging dock to power, using the original Neptune cable that came in the box. Always use the original charging cable as any other cable will damage the device.Place Neptune on the charging dock. Neptune will beep once and the lights on the device will turn blue. When charging is completed or if the device is fully charged, the device will beep 3 times and the lights on the device will turn off, indicating that the device is now ready for use. 

 Turning on / off. 

To turn Neptune on, press the button until the light turns blue. The head surface will then start cooling. To turn the device off, press the button until the light turns off.Wipe off the top with dry cloth making sure it is kept clean. Place back on the charging dock to recharge.   

 Neptune has an automatic timer set for 8 minutes. When the device shuts off, you know the cycle is over. You can then turn the device back on to use it for an additional cycle. 


•Or as recommended by your specialist


Neptune is 100% natural, pain-free, drug-free, chemical-free,

 with no record of allergic reactions. 

 Now you can have the best cutting-edge treatments, all in the convenience of your home.