Luna - Spacetouch

CA2+Calcium Supplementation Device.

Bone| Muscle| Skin

Luna increases bone density and treats skin disorders, certain cancers and precancers, mood and sleep disorders, hyperbilirubinemia and jaundice, and more. 

Photodynamic Therapy.

Luna is the only home-use device to feature Calcium Supplementation Light Therapy which promotes good cholesterol, increases bone mineral density, and treats osteoporosis, cartilage diseases, and dysplasia. It also prevents complications caused by the abnormal metabolism of calcium and phosphorus ions. 

Bone | Muscle | Skin



1. Use Luna 3 times per week for the first three (3) months on the area in need of treatment.
2. Keep using Luna two (2) times per week for an additional two (2) months.
3. After five (5) months, keep using 2-4 times per month to maintain results.
4. If, after five (5) months, you are not satisfied with the results, continue using the device for an additional two (2) months, or contact your skin care specialist for new instructions.