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Your skin is constantly under attack from UV light and toxins in the air. To make matters worse, after the age of 25, your skin produces less collagen each year. Many have a facial skin care routine, but few pay much attention to the skin on the rest of the body. In fact, 94% of people over the age of 25 do not address these issues, leaving them with discoloration, sagging, wrinkles, and more. What can you do to avoid and reverse the effects of toxins and aging on your skin? Instead of heading to a doctor’s office to receive inconvenient and expensive treatments, you can use Galaxa. It’s clinically certified as safe on all parts of the body and treats a variety of skin issues including cellulite, spider veins, discoloration, acne, scars, and sagging skin. 


This state-of-the-art device is powered by NASA’s revolutionary infrared technology, including four wavelengths of light and thermal heating.  


It’s easy to get results. Featuring the most effective treatments used by doctors and beauticians in one simple device, Galaxa has two Auto Modes and a Manual Mode. It’s no wonder Galaxa is being used all over the world in skin clinics, doctors’ offices, and homes. 

Auto mode 1

 For the first 30 days of use, we recommend Galaxa’s Auto Mode 1.Simply press the Auto Mode button and then press Mode 1. The device will turn on, and you can start treatment. This mode runs for 24 minutes, heats to 60°C, and uses all 4 types of LED and infrared light to treat the skin. Apply topical heat to increase blood circulation so that your body will produce more skin-healing collagen. 

Auto mode 2

After 30 days of use, you can begin to use Galaxa’s Auto Mode 2.This mode runs for 36 minutes and uses all 4 types of LED, infrared, and heat to penetrate deep into the skin. This mode is recommended only for experienced users, and should be applied no more than twice a month.  


Manual Mode allows you to customize your treatments to treat specific skin issues. The Manual Mode gives you full control over the type of light, power of light, temperature, and treatment length to help you achieve the best results. 


For your convenience, we’ve created the first-ever Light Therapy Guide. Doctors and skin specialists around the world provide their recommended therapy combinations using Galaxa. Download the full guide for free and start using your Galaxa today.


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