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The Anti-Aging Skin Benefits of Light Therapy

According to NASA, Dr. Sungkyoo Lim, PhD studied and determined that light therapy can do a number of things. One in particular, is rejuvenation of aging of the skin. The concept of light therapy is quite remarkable actually, and it does not involve harsh chemical treatments or surgical procedures, two things some people fear the most. It has the ability to control and reverse the clear signs of aging, taking years off of people’s faces.The process of light therapy works in a unique way. Many would think that the use of any type of light would involve UV rays, but this type of light used is different. The skin has the ability to absorb light, especially visible red light and NIR, which in turns, uses it as energy to stimulate cellular regeneration. Unlike UV rays that age the skin, these lights do the opposite by stimulating the mitochondria in the fibroblasts, and producing up to ten times more energy than what normally occurs. This activity fuels the cell’s production of even more collagen and elastin throughout.As a result, this process builds up the skin’s dermis layer, which is a firm and durable group of collagen and elastin fibers. Collagen and elastin are constantly working amongst each other. While collagen restores the skin’s strength and flexibility, elastin improves the skin’s elasticity, allowing it to bounce back to its original shape even after it has been stretched. As mentioned, collagen and elastin work with each other, and once they do some remarkable things begin to occur - the skin tightens, wrinkles fade, smile and worry lines disappear, pore shrink and redness decreases.Not only does light therapy reduce aging of the skin, but it also benefits many skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis. It also makes skin appear smoother, healthier, radiant...more youthful.