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Spacetouch Transforms Skin for Over 800,000 Users

A Device that Targets Your Concerns

An innovative solution specifically designed to address dark under-eye concerns. Utilizing gentle yet effective LED wavelengths, it stimulates collagen production and improves blood circulation, significantly reducing the appearance of dark circles. With consistent and regular use, you will notice improvements, rejuvenating the delicate under-eye area for a brighter, more youthful look.

This treatment is meticulously crafted to enhance the skin's inherent capacity to regenerate cells, increase collagen production, and strengthen its fibers. It reaches the deepest layer known as the hypodermis, strategically targeting fine lines and wrinkles that arise from aging and prolonged sun exposure. To further accentuate the advantages of this regimen, we advise incorporating wholesome lifestyle habits. With consistent application, experience the reinvigoration of skin cells, a significant diminution in lines and wrinkles, and a youthful, renewed complexion.

This treatment employs specific wavelengths of light and vibration to gently soothe and reduce inflammation. its innovative technology enhances blood circulation and promotes collagen production, directly targeting the underlying causes of puffiness for a more rejuvenated appearance.

EyeTech Details

The first patented wireless and hands-free device designed by leading plastic surgeons and dermatologists to treat the under-eye area. Commonly known as one of the most stubborn areas to treat, EyeTech uses a combination of vibration and infrared technology to treat the under eye concerns such as, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.


US Utility Patnet.
Pub Number: US 2022/0105259 A1

Technologies & Modes

LED Mode

- Treat fine lines and wrinkles Your EyeTech device starts up in LED Mode.
- Press the ON button once to illuminate the LED points.

Vibration Mode

- Treat puffiness and dark circles around your eyes.
- Press the ON button twice to activate the Vibration Mode.
In this mode, the LED points will shut off, and the device
will only produce vibrational pulses.

Combination Mode

- Comprehensive treatment that combines advanced LED and vibration therapy.
- Press the ON button a third time to activate the Combination Mode. In this mode, the device produces vibrational pulses while illuminating the LED points.


Color: Black
LED Points: 7 LEDS
Wavelength: 645mm
Areas of Usage: Under Eyes


All Spacetouch device is backed by a Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty ensuring coverage for all manufacturing defects, including battery issues. To activate this warranty, please register your device within 7 days of first use here.

Additionally, Spacetouch offers an Extended Warranty that provides extra protection, including coverage for accidental damage, theft, loss, and other benefits. To register your device for the Extended Warranty, please click here.

Embrace Effortless Beauty

The EyeTech harnesses the power of specific LED wavelengths, proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles. This pain-free method stimulates collagen production and increases blood circulation, illuminating your skin from within.

Wireless & Hands-Free

Lightweight for you delicate under-eye area, the EyeTech is designed to contour perfectly to your face, ensuring maximum comfort and effectiveness during each session.

Clinical Study Results

Positive Increase in Tightening Under Eye

Clinical Study Results

Positive Treatment to Wrinkles & Crows Feet

Clinical Study Results

Improved Brightening of Dark Circles

3 Powerful Treatment & Modes

The red light setting is designed reduce signs of aging under the eyes. The treatment assists with the reproduction of cells, collagen, and fiber and reaches the hypodermis level, the deepest and thickest layer of the skin. Consistent use of red light LED treatment can effectively halt the reduction of collagen as we age and in some cases, even boost the body's natural collagen production.

The vibration setting is designed to treat under-eye puffiness, dark circles, and sagging. Lack of sleep, aging and genetics can cause under-eye muscles to become weak, resulting in puffiness and dark circles. To address this issue, we have developed a vibration sequence that targets the under-eye muscle, contracting and activating it to increase its strength and tightness, and increase blood flow- resulting in a refreshed and rejuvenated under-eye appearance.

The combination setting combines the benefits of both the red LED light and vibration treatments to treat all concerns simultaneously. The red LED light works by penetrating deep into the skin to stimulate cell renewal and collagen production. This results in improved skin texture and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

The vibration treatment, on the other hand, reduces puffiness, sagging, and dark circles under the eyes. When used in combination, these treatments can work synergistically to enhance their effects, resulting in brighter, more youthful-looking eyes.

Download Eyetech User Manual

Gentle, Effective & Powerful

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How To Use

Remove the eye pads from the charging case.
Your package will come with 52 sets (104) pieces of silicone pads. You can purchase more silicone pads by going to https://spacetouch.com/pads.
Remove the clear adhesive on the sticker. Place the sticky side on to the device. When ready to use the device simply remove the branded adhesive from the silicone pad and place on to the under eye.
Place the device on to the under eye area. To turn on the device, tap the button on each pad. You will notice the LED lights turn red, this indicates that you are in the red light LED mode. Your EyeTech device will always start up in LED mode.
To charge the EyeTech pads, connect the charging case to power via the cable that came in your box.

Real Clinical Results

Brightens & Lifts
Improves Puffiness
Reduces Wrinkles
Brighten Dark Circles

Frequently Asked Questions

Get quick answers to common questions about the EyeTech. For more detailed information and additional queries, please refer to our Help Center.

Is the EyeTech safe for my eyes?

The EyeTech is designed with built-in safety features to prevent harmful eye exposure. Always refer back to the user manual and, if in doubt, seek advice from a healthcare professional to ensure safe usage. The EyeTech must be used according to the manufacturer's guidelines.

Can i purchase extra eye pads?

You can purchase the EyeTech Eye Pads Here

How can I file a warranty claim?