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Spacetouch Transforms Skin for Over 800,000 Users

A Device that Targets Your Concerns

This treatment is meticulously crafted to enhance the skin's inherent capacity to regenerate cells, increase collagen production, and strengthen its fibers. It reaches the deepest layer known as the hypodermis, strategically targeting fine lines and wrinkles that arise from aging and prolonged sun exposure. To further accentuate the advantages of this regimen, we advise incorporating wholesome lifestyle habits. With consistent application, experience the reinvigoration of skin cells, a significant diminution in lines and wrinkles, and a youthful, renewed complexion.

This treatment is designed to address and minimize the appearance of stretch marks and spider veins. Utilizing a spectrum of wavelengths, this innovative tool promotes skin rejuvenation and healing, effectively fading these common skin concerns over consistent use. Designed with convenience in mind, it offers a safe, non-invasive treatment solution, making it easy for users to achieve smoother, more even-toned skin.

This treatment is specifically engineered to combat Vitamin D deficiency, leveraging specific wavelengths of light to naturally stimulate Vitamin D production in the body. By mimicking the beneficial aspects of natural sunlight without the harmful UV rays, this cutting-edge device provides a safe and efficient method of increase Vitamin D levels, crucial for bone health, immune function, and overall well-being.

This treatment is tailored to amplify the skin's ability to hydrate and restore dry skin. A gentle blend of warmth with the nurturing glow of yellow light therapy. This combination is specially curated to support your skin's ability to hold moisture, fortifying its natural barrier for an enduring softness and hydration. It's an invitation to experience how thoughtful light therapy can be in harmonizing with your skin's needs, aiming to replenish and maintain its natural moisture equilibrium.

This cutting-edge therapeutic tool designed to address hypocalcemia, utilizing specific wavelengths of light to stimulate the body's calcium absorption and regulation processes. By directly targeting affected areas, this non-invasive treatment enhances cellular activity, thereby facilitating the natural correction of calcium levels in the body.

This treatment is meticulously designed to address the primary causes of discoloration, effectively handling excess pigmentation resulting from natural factors and extended sun exposure. By targeting melanin production, it aids in achieving a more uniform skin tone. Complementing this therapy with healthy lifestyle practices and daily application of SPF is essential for optimal results. Witness a significant transformation towards a more even-toned and luminous complexion.

Luna Details

Luna by Spacetouch is the only home-use device to feature Calcium Supplementation Light Therapy. Designed by plastic surgeons and dermatologists, Luna incorporates multiple technologies in one treatment to target a wide array of concerns, including bone density, mood and sleep disorders, jaundice, skin-related cancer symptoms, and skin disorders such as psoriasis or vitiligo.

Luna is a patented foldable design for our best LED body therapy technology. With 280 LED and infrared points,  Luna can be used on large body areas like legs, face, and hands. Luna is rechargeable and travel-friendly, meaning that it provides powerful results wherever you are, allowing you to receive your LED light treatments from the comfort of your home.

Technologies & Modes

Red Light
- Powerfully stimulates collagen and elastin production.
- Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
- Accelerates skin recovery, promotes scar healing, and improves overall circulation.

Blue Light
- Directly targets and eradicates acne-causing bacteria.
- Drastically reduces inflammation and prevents future acne breakouts.
- Detoxifies the skin, leading to a clearer and more refreshed complexion.

Green Light
- Achieve an even skin tone and reduce redness.
- Counteracts hyperpigmentation, sunspots, and under-eye circles.
- Calm irritated skin and reduce the appearance of capillaries

Yellow Mode
- The yellow light setting is designed to treat skin redness and flushing, rosacea, UV radiation damage and reduce the appearance of telangiectasias (ruptured blood vessels) on the nose and face

Purple Mode
- Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin
- Maintains skins firmness and elasticity
- Reduces fine lines & Wrinkes
- Destroys acne-causing bacteria
- Promotes healing and reduces inflammation

Orange Mode
- Revitalize skin, promoting a brighter, more youthful complexion.
- Enhancing cellular energy and speeding up the process of skin rejuvenation and healing.
- Collagen production, giving the skin a smoother and firmer appearance
- Soothe skin and reduce inflammation
- Alleviate redness or irritation.


Color: Black & White
LED Points: 264 LEDS
Dimensions: 54*53.5*29CM/21.2*21.06*11.4IN
Weight: 3.0KG, 6.6 IBS
Input Power: 100-240V 50/60 HZ
Output Power: 12V DC 3000MA
Manual Timer: UP TO 60 MIN
Areas of Usage: Full Body


All Spacetouch devices come with Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty covering all manufacturing defects, including battery issues. To activate this warranty, please register your device within 7 days of first use.

From Bone Density to Beautiful Skin

A groundbreaking home-use device that revolutionizes the approach to health and skincare by incorporating Calcium Supplementation Light Therapy. Crafted with the expertise of leading plastic surgeons and dermatologists, It targets a wide range of issues including bone density, mood and sleep disorders, jaundice, skin cancer symptoms, and complex skin conditions like psoriasis and vitiligo. Luna is a versatile, all-in-one treatment solution for multiple health and skin concerns.

Portability Reimagined

The Luna LED Body device features a patented, portable, foldable design for easy storage and travel. Its ends detach and magnetically reattach for quick assembly. With 280 LED and infrared points, Luna efficiently treats large body areas such as legs, face, and hands.

Painless & Hands-Free

Luna is at the forefront of technology, utilizing NASA's pioneering infra-red technology, which includes an impressive spectrum of 7 wavelengths of light tailored to promote the long-term health and vitality of your skin. This state-of-the-art device is not only completely painless but also remarkably easy to use, ensuring that anyone can achieve powerful and transformative results without discomfort.

Clinical Study Results

Positive Increase in Rebuilding Bone Density

Clinical Study Results

Positive Increase of Vitamin D Levels

Clinical Study Results

Improved Hydration & Brightening of Skin

Powerful Treatments & Modes

Blue Light

Designed to improve skin texture and reduce sebaceous hyperplasia (enlarged oil glands). It can assist in reducing the appearance of actinic keratoses (sun spots), acne, and even acne scarring. In addition to its cosmetic benefits, blue light therapy has been shown to promote the synthesis of protein and bone collagen, and it can also help with whitening skin and teeth.

Red Light

Designed reduce signs of aging. The treatment assists with the reproduction of cells, collagen, and fiber and reaches the hypodermis level, the deepest and thickest layer of the skin. Consistent use of red light LED treatment can effectively halt the reduction of collagen as we age and in some cases, even boost the body's natural collagen production.

Purple Light

A combination of red and blue light, purple light effective in treating acne, as the blue light targets and destroys acne-causing bacteria, while the red light promotes healing and reduces inflammation. Moreover, purple LED light therapy stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which are essential for maintaining the skin's elasticity and firmness, thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Yellow Mode

Designed to treat and targets skin redness, rosacea, UV damage, and reduce the appearance of telangiectasias (ruptured blood vessels) by stimulating collagen, reducing fine lines, and promoting skin rejuvenation. Effective in alleviating redness, inflammation, and conditions like sunburn and eczema, it also accelerates detoxification for a healthier complexion. This therapy enhances wound healing, improving skin tone and texture with no downtime, providing a non-invasive option for skin improvement.

Green Light

Designed to stimulate collagen production, reduce inflammation. In addition to its cosmetic benefits, green light therapy has been used clinically to treat various health conditions. It is effective in improving symptoms of asthma, relieving climacteric syndrome, and treating nerve numbness and kidney diseases. It has also been used to manage diabetes and digestive tract diseases, making it a valuable treatment option for those seeking to improve their overall health.

Orange Light

Orange light stands out for its ability to revitalize the skin, promoting a brighter, more youthful complexion. It operates at a specific wavelength that aids in enhancing cellular energy, thereby speeding up the process of skin rejuvenation and healing. It also contributes to collagen production, giving the skin a smoother and firmer appearance. Additionally, orange LED light has been noted for its calming effects, which can soothe the skin and reduce inflammation, making it an excellent option for those looking to alleviate redness or irritation.

How To Use

For easiest assembly, lay all parts flat beginning with the middle piece. Attach one side piece magnetically, secure both sides, flip the device over, and you're done!
Tap and hold down the button for 2-3 seconds until you see the light turn on or off.
Connect the included cable and power bank into an electrical outlet. Plug the other side of the cable into the charging port located at outer corner of Luna. Ensure it's charged after every use.
Press the button briefly, for 1-2 seconds, to switch modes. You'll notice the light indicator change.

Real Clinical Results

Enhances Vitamin D Level
Tightens & Brightens Skin
Brightness & Cleanses
Increase Calcium Levels

What's in the Complete System


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What are the uses of Luna?

It can treat spider veins, sore muscles, stretch marks, slimming, cellulitis, hair loss, fat burning, bone pain, bone density, Wrinkles, Sun spots, Scarring, Spider veins, Dry Skin, Rough skin all over the body.

What's the nanometer for each light?


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