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Vega is made to replace office treatments and endless creams, both wasting a ton of time and money, all while showing little to no results. We teamed up with leading scientists and engineers and created what we call: "The future of Skin care". This Device includes seven different patents and the most-up to date, cutting technologies in skin care therapy and biotechnology. This technology was researched by NASA and Harvard medical school.
Vega combines LED light technology, thermal technology, infrared, red lights and Amber light. 



We stocked 40 years of research and clinical trials into one small device. 

All this technology we combined in 2 Auto modes, Making it easier than ever,  with no experience needed to operate the technology. 

Auto mode 1

The Red LED  penetrates into your skin deeper than any other cream. Promoting the production of cells, collagen, and fibers, reaching the hypodermis level which is the deepest & thickest layer of the skin. While the Red LED is on, Vega's treatment surface "The Probe" will heat up to 40 degrees Celsius, providing topical heating that will increase the blood flow specifically in the area of treatment. This combination of light and heat will ensure your skin is treated and healed at the same time- giving you fast and amazing results.

Auto mode 2

The Amber light technology is used to treat skin redness and flushing, irritation, rosacea, UV radiation damage, and reducing the appearance of the tiny blood vessels on the nose and face. It helps to flush waste from the skin, boost lymphatic flow, and increase cellular growth. While in the blue mode, Vega's treatment surface "The Probe" will heat up to 40 degrees Celsius. , providing topical heating that will increase the blood flow specifically in the area of treatment. This mode will leave your skin relaxed and irritation free.

Recommended Dose.

 First month 3 times a week, 10 min per treated area.

 Then once a week, 10 min per area.

•Or as recommended by your specialist


Vega is 100% Natural, Pain-free, 

Drug-free, Chemical free, 

with no allergic reactions. 

 Now you can have the best, 

cutting-edge treatments, 

all in the convenience of your home.


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