$5,300.00 USD
Neptune is a home-use device that combines all of the latest technologies in skincare and medical devices in one easy-to-use device. Neptune is designed by plastic surgeons and dermatologists to provide easy and accessible quality skin care treatments, all from the comfort of your home.

FDA Cleared

NASA Powered




Blue Mode

- Blue light setting improves skin texture and minimizes enlarged oil glands.

Cooling Mode

- Assists in diminishing sun spots, acne, and acne scarring.
- This cooling effect tightens pores, slows blood circulation, eases inflammation, and helps kill surface skin bacteria.


Color: Black
LED Points: 24 LEDS
Dimensions: 19*6.3*6.3CM/7.48*2.48*2.48IN
Weight: 265 G, 0.58 IBS
Input Power: 10V, 1A
Output Power: 7.4V 900MAH
Manual Timer: 8 Minutes
Areas of Usage: Face & Neck

How Does it Work?

- Creams contain vitamins, oils, and active ingredients to treat a verity of issues. For them to work, it needs to penetrate the deepest layers of your skin, which in reality, work only on the 1-3 first layers. This means your skin will get dryer and will continue aging every year regardless of how much cream and serums you use.
- Neptune works with the most advanced NIR technology for cell production and cell renewal. NASA Light technology. Light can penetrate all skin layers and providing the nutrition and vitamins your cells need to renew themselves.
- Using the 465nm wavelength and topical cooling, we can reach and clean the top layers of your skin.

Blue and Cooling Mode

The blue light setting is designed to improve skin texture and reduce sebaceous hyperplasia (enlarged oil glands). It can assist in reducing the appearance of actinic keratoses (sun spots), acne, and even acne scarring. The blue mode is also accompanied by a freezing technology that cools down the probe. This cooling effect tightens pores, slows blood circulation, ease inflammation, helps kill the P. bacteria on the skin’s surface.

Lifetime Warranty

All Spacetouch devices come with a lifetime warranty that covers manufacturing defects. Register your device on our website,

*Certain restrictions may apply.

Maintenance & Usage

Turn on/off

To turn Neptune on, hold the button
down until the device’s lights turn blue.
To turn the device off, hold the button down until the lights turn off.

Applying Serum

Once Neptune is turned on the probe will cool down to 12 degrees Celsius/ 53.6 Fahrenheit. Apply any serum of your choice directly onto the device before treatment.


Connect the charging dock to power via the cable that came in your box. Place Neptune on the charging dock to charge the device.