Space touch story



We founded Space Touch because we saw a need for advanced skincaretherapy technology that would replace ineffective office treatments andendless creams. We teamed up with leading scientists and engineers to create"The Future of Skincare."We use a unique patented combination of infrared and LED light, researchedand developed by NASA, with cutting-edge performance. Our devices aredesigned to learn your skin type and adjust the treatment power according toyour needs, ensuring genuine results.At Space Touch, every product is designed with not only beauty andsophistication but also ultimate functionality in mind. Sleek lines, vivid color,innovation, and profound emotion: these values are evident in our designapproach, making our products stand out from others in the skincare industry.


Using the latest industry-acclaimed techniques and technology, we develop and manufacture high-performance solutions for skin and body issues. The use of Light technology, Thermal therapy, Freeze technology and more. All our devices are researched by NASA with the highest ethical standards, to ensure your safety.  


With our warranty registration, we ensure treatment plans tailored to the concerns and expectations of each client, backed up by our professional specialist. We collect your feedback after every registration of device and monitor Net Promoter score, to continually raise the bar on our service standards. 

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